Bartolomeo Caputo ,
Management Board of Moonlight Technology AG

Schwörstadt, January 25, 2022 – press release

A breath of fresh air and a new vision at the traditional lighting manufacturer Moonlight. Moonlight is now a business partner of SC Freiburg

• Moonlight indoor and outdoor lighting under new management
• Moonlight becomes business partner of SC Freiburg 2022
• New Vision with Smart Features & Connectivity
• Innovative technologies shape our lives
• Clear commitment to “Made in Germany” and the highest quality standards

The Schwörstadt-based company Moonlight has new management. The innovative lighting brand is pursuing even more ambitious goals. Since January 1, 2022, Bartolomeo Caputo has been managing the new “Moonlight Technology AG” as a shareholder and member of the Management Board.

“In today’s globally networked world, companies have to deal more than ever with new, constantly changing environmental conditions and the problem of massive intensification of competition. Social change is an ongoing process. Technological innovations are affecting the way people organize and communicate.”
According to Bartolomeo Caputo.

Under the motto “Moonlight 2.0” we would like to invite all design-conscious designers, planners and users to accompany us on this innovative journey. The Moonlight product portfolio is becoming more innovative, more powerful and more user-friendly: functions such as WLAN integration, Zigbee data transmission, Bluetooth low energy or the latest LED technologies make Moonlight lights even more enjoyable – and life more beautiful.

In order to emphasize our values, Moonlight Technology AG has decided to support professional sport. With the current Bundesliga season 2022, we became a business partner of SC Freiburg.

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