Atmospheric diffusion & light characteristics

Unmatched ambience – this is what makes Moonlight lamps so unique

Not only the amount of light and color temperature, but also the light distribution and diffusion have a decisive influence on the mood, the reception of space and the ambience.

The soft and even light characteristic fills every environment with an incomparable atmosphere.

Moonlight is the epitome of atmospheric indoor and outdoor lighting for designing with light. Whether as a sphere or hemisphere – with a variety of sizes, colors and mounting systems, Moonlight lights meet every design requirement. All types of base mounts are almost invisible to the viewer – the lights appear to be seamlessly integrated into their surroundings.

The even illumination of Moonlight, for which we stand with our name and which we focus on, is unsurpassed.

This is why the light from Moonlight is so unique

Shadow-free illumination through high-quality PE material

Versatile, nuanced glowing ambient light

Unlimited possibilities for creative design with light