Uncompromising quality & robustness

Moonlight Luminaires atmospheric outdoor lighting

Moonlight is known for its quality worldwide

The original – made in Germany

We are proud of the quality we produce in our own factory in Germany. Through our years of experience in rotational molding, we are able to achieve unmatched longevity and durability.

The advantages

  • highest homogeneity of the PE housing, resulting in uniform light diffusion
  • waterproof construction makes it suitable for use in damp interiors and as an outdoor lighting fixture
  • maximum stability and robustness
  • permanently insensitive to UV radiation
  • temperature resistant from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius

Moonlight luminaires are the first choice all over the world for design projects in architecture and horticulture in terms of durability.

What makes Moonlight quality

Shadow-free illumination of the Moonlight lights

Shadow-free illumination

Due to high quality PE material, individually rotationally molded

Splashproof case Moonlight

Splash-proof, stable and UV-resistant construction

Highly resistant to impact and dimensionally stable.

extremely cold and heat resistant Moonlight lights

Extrem Kälte- und HitResistant to temperatures ranging from -40 to + 80 degrees Celsius.zebeständig.

Highly resistant to cold and heat.

Moonlight Technology is a business partner of SC Freiburg

Moonlight is a business partner of SC Freiburg

Moonlight Technology AG supports local and national sports:

with the Bundesliga season 2022 we will be business partners of SC Freiburg.

We look forward to the cooperation and exciting Bundesliga games.