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Moonlight indoor lamp with smart bulbs

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We are proud to present our indoor moonlight with cotton-covered cable

Integrate Moonlight lights with the latest smartLED light sources into smart home controls

Maybe you already use a lighting system with and without a bridge, such as Philips Hue, innogy Smarthome, Bosch Smart Home, Magenta Smarthome, Razer or Eve? Most smart lamps can also be integrated and controlled with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Things or Google Assistant.

Smart lighting systems are not only convenient, they also save money when used correctly. Find out here what advantages smart lighting control can offer.

Our Moonlight lamps with an E27/E26 socket can be easily integrated into smart lighting systems.

Use smart bulbs and enjoy the following benefits:

Set the mood in your home

With smart bulbs you can quickly and easily control your lights or choose your scenarios. You can automatically control all intelligent lights in a room via the app or a remote control.

Lightning fast, wireless control

Steplessly dim your light and adjust the brightness to your needs, depending on whether you want to work, read or relax.

Play with the colors

Modern RGB light sources can change the light color in almost any way. With a choice of 16 million colors, you can immerse a room in a suitable ambient light and give your home a special touch or exude a work-friendly light.

Control with smartphone apps or with the manufacturer’s remote control

A large number of apps are available for smartphones that enable lamp groups or entire rooms to be controlled.

Different scenarios can be saved and recalled later, controlled with a timer or externally.

Whichever lighting system you choose – expand the functionality of a moonlight with smart LED lamps!

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Smart illuminant for Moonlight spherical lamp

Smart lighting can be controlled via the smartphone app.

Smart bridge for lamps of the Moonlight spherical lamp

A “bridge” connects groups of lights. This also allows voice assistants to be used to control the lighting.

Smart light bridge for millions of colors

Smart RGB lamps can handle around 16 million colors. So you always have the right lighting at home.
(Graphic: innr)

Smart bulbs at home with scenes

Depending on the time of day and activity, different default settings can be saved and called up as scenarios.
(Graphic: innr)

Control smart bulbs at home with a smartphone app

Individual lamps or the entire lighting can be controlled via smartphone apps. Some so-called “bridges” even integrate WLAN and Bluetooth lamps into a central lighting control system on the smartphone.
(Graphic: innr)

Moonlight Technology is a business partner of SC Freiburg

Moonlight is a business partner of SC Freiburg

Moonlight Technology AG supports local and national sports:

with the Bundesliga season 2022 we will be business partners of SC Freiburg.

We look forward to the cooperation and exciting Bundesliga games.